Coming Soon!! 1 September 2016

yeah! I know molloFIRE did well and still gonna do well.

thanks to all who support and download my music.

I’m still gonna feed you more hits!

Plan In Motion(mixtape)




4.Double Cup

5.Ke Tshwere Kaofela

6.Mfana ya’se mzini


8.Roll it

(mixed|mastered by k.StacK)

First 100 cd’s will be given for free. So keep in touch, like & follow.

From 10Sept2016, cd’s will be given at R45 each

The Real Me

I, “JayMcSwaG”, only have 2 days to work on my music career in a week.

but it seems like I have all day, each week

I swear to God that I’m on a big hustle. 

“you ain’t got no juice, f*** all the police coz they ain’t got no proof. I know these ratchets is looking at you, I know my niggas they rapping for two. I heard them saying that love is for two”