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Banger track! I swear you’ll not regret using your data for downloading this banger

Track: Wile Ngwano[prod by JayMcSwaG]

Artist: Biggie Larminton

Year: 2016

Rate out of 10: 9/10

Download Biggie Larminton_Wile Ngwano[prod by JayMcSwaG]

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*Wile Ngwano by Biggie Larminton*

*produced by JayMcSwaG*
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“Wile Ngwano (tjo)

Ong nokile ngwano (tjo)

Wile ngwano le di card tsa di banka wile ngwano (tjo)

Ong nwele ngwano (tjo)

Ong qetile ngwano (tjo)

Wile ngwano le di card tsa di banka wile ngwano”


2016 *we bringing you the fire,flames and a journey to good music*


I bet you gon love this banger

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